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Mar 26, 2013 7:00am PDT
can google our name, find us on twitter and give us your comments and we'll look at them. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic was there. i'm behind myself. this is 10 and 92. you -- 101 and 92. you can see traffic is looking good. highway 1, no problems. the tunnels are working just as designed. it's been smooth this morning from half moon bay to pacifica. let's go to steve. >>> partly cloudies around. some breaks in the clouds. the kind of system that went by yesterday a lot of low cloud deck allowed to reform. it doesn't take much. a mix of sun and clouds. there's a little bit of a coolness to the atmosphere. did leave a light rain deck, not much. 40s 50s on the temperatures. 50 right now. that mountain view temperature is at moffett. there's the low spinning right towards northern nevada, idaho and southeastern oregon. another low is dropping down. we could get drizzle late tonight, tomorrow. a stronger one will move in on friday and start to send in a lot of clouds. the forecast models are not really in sink but they are taking the low for the weekend right over
Mar 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
found guilty of killing a man who come to the bay area to apply for a job at google plans to appeal that verdict. 26-year-old george hug ins faces life in prison. killed a 45-year-old engineer from virginia during a robbery in 2010. the victim was in oakland for a teeth cleaning appointment the day before a job interview at google. police say he stole $17 from the man and shot him three times. >>> later today a woman accused of kicking a small child is due back in court. this comes after last week's court arraignment was delayed when she started screaming in the courtroom. >> [ screaming ] >> 24-year-old sabrina bell is facing charges. she kicked the child to the ground for no apparent reason. >>> a bus driver in florida pleading not guilty to charges of aggravated child abuse for kicking a special needs child. yesterday in court prosecutors released this video. this was shot last october. showed an 8 year old girl trying to get off the bus when the driver says it's not her turn. in response the girl slaps and pushed wilkerson. shows her kicking the girl down the stairs. she fell an
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
to give up their equal opportunity data. those companies included apple, google and hp among others, according to cnn. this refusal to release the data they say shows a lack of willness -- willingness. back to you. >> thank you, janine. >>> we want to check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. >> we have a new crash reported about 20 minutes ago -- not even 20. i would say more like 20. southbound 101 near cesar chavez. northbound traffic is slow. but so is southbound 101, slowing down to the cesar chavez exit. it was reported blocking one of the lanes. the alternate route would be on 280. go down to 6th street and get on 280 there and bypass this whole thing. that would be a pretty decent alternate. i would say northbound 280 is a good alternate just to avoid the james lick freeway for now. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a crash in san francisco that's serious will affect the been because the people getting off the -- will affect the bay bridge, because people getting off the bay bridge will have to deal with this. westbound 24, near the la fayette ex
Mar 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
all girls to be able to go to school. >>> some employees at google's new satellite campus in mountain view may have been exspokessed to a chemical that's linked to cancer and birth defects. the center for investigative reporter says more than a thousand employees work in two bigs where -- bleddings say -- buildings say two chemicals were released. pregnant women exposed to this chemical have an increased level of giving birth to a baby with serious heart defects. >>> the airline that has the most boeing dreamliners is reportedly making a new demand of the airlinemaker. a source says all nippon airways want them to compensate because of the grounding because of the batteries. boeing reportedly planned to give ana discounts on future purchases. boeing has not said whether it will compensate carriers for lost revenues. >>> long lanes at delays at international airports that handle a lot of international travelers could bring long delays. 43% says they discourage travel to the u.s. because of delays and 44% of business travelers try to avoid coming to the u.s. because of the hass
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4